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An accountant and a printer

The head line sounds like the start of a bad joke but it is a success story worthy of sharing. A small family run business, that started in 1999, was radically changed in 2007, when an accountant and a printer decided to purchase it. The once simple business, with a single spot colour litho press, soon grew into a fully diversified, printing power house through vision and passion. The adventure had only just begun for our accountant and printer.

With print experience and a financial balancer, they commenced their diversification process by acquiring their first full colour digital press and from there have continued adding to their equipment list to broaden their product range. There is continuous investment into upgrading and acquiring new equipment to keep pace with offering quality products at competitive prices.

The move into full colour print catapulted the business into being able to offer anything from business cards to brochures and books. This growth led into further investment and there are now 3 digital presses just to meet the ever-growing demand. The growing demand opened our eyes to the other needs of our clients and so a wide format press was purchased to ensure we could meet the needs of the local business. The business is now able to offer labels, stickers, posters and banners of all types turning the once simple business into a print solution stop for local business. In addition, we have also expanded into a full range of branded gifting products.

The best part of the story has not been the expansion into equipment, although it has been fun, but rather the growth we have had in our people. At the very core of our business sits our most important asset, our work family. Our staff compliment has grown from 5 to 14 dedicated members. Without these passionate individuals our machines would not run, our clients would not repeat order and our business would be empty. We invite you to contact us to experience our amazing work family dedicated to quality and service on time.

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