Artwork Specs & Upload Section

LT Printers excludes a setup charge for all artwork that is provided print ready. This also minimises the time required to set up a proof and process the job for print. Artwork can take between 3 – 7 working days to set up, depending on the nature of design required and our current work in progress schedule. The field of freelance design has grown substantially in this digital era and this opens up the opportunity for clients to provide their own artwork in a print ready format. In order for you to make sure that your artwork is 100% print ready, we have set up a few specifications below – don’t worry, if you are not a designer – your designer should understand all of the terms. Please remember that a proof will still need to be sent to you for approval – just to make sure that the files have remained 100% consistent and appear correctly on the print side.

All artwork must be submitted as a PDF (preferable) or High Res Jpeg and must include:

• 3 – 5mm Bleed (extended colour or image beyond where the cutline falls)
• 3- 5mm text contour (inside the cutline, text must be a minimum of 3mm away from the  cutline)|
• Images must be a minimum of 150dpi, preferably 300dpi – High Resolution

• All colour & images must be converted to CMYK  (not RGB)
• All drop shadows and gradient fill must be converted to CMYK Bitmaps at a minimum resolution of 300dpi

Below is a visual example of what is meant by ‘Cutline’, ‘Bleed’ & ‘Text Contour’ 

BCards Cutlines

Use as a guide when setting up your artwork, the cutline is your final size and the bleed & text contour specifications (as above) have been visually illustrated.